A Trust Fund Serving The People Of Warminster

Registered Charity C.I.O. No. 1168096

The trustees meet and award grants quarterly. The next deadline for receipt by the Clerk of Online & Original Applications, together with supporting documentation is 18th May 2024.

The Ernest and Marjorie Fudge Trust for Warminster proudly serves the people of “Warminster and the surrounding area”. We make grants to individuals and organisations who apply (in confidence) to us for help and, in the judgment of the Trustees, meet our confidential criteria. There is no upper limit for an application and there is no lower limit, either. One can apply more than once.
It goes almost without saying that we look with particular care at larger applications because we can only spend the money once and more for some means less for others.
Our income is currently approaching £50,000 a year. We make our grants out of our income.
We try to make all our income work for as many people as we can. We look particularly to help those with learning difficulties because they were always close to Marjorie Fudge’s heart. The Fudge Trust is happy to receive contributions, i.e. through a legacy or donation, but does not seek contributions in the form of cash from street collections.

Privacy Notice

When you contact us it is necessary to hold and store the information you provide, such as name, address, email address, telephone number, organisation etc. regarding the application process and to enable us to contact you and administer the Trust. Data will be kept in accordance with The Charity Commissioners Guidance.

As a charitable organisation, it is a requirement of the Charity Commissioners for the Trust to publish in its Annual Return a list of organisations to whom funds of £500.00 or more have been donated. There is no requirement to publish donations made to individuals.
Amendment agreed by Trustees at Quarterly Meeting 4th March 2019
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